About our Travel Agency

What is Tour into Tibet?

Tour Into Tibet is a full service U.S. tour company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Tour into Tibet specializes in arranging Tibetan tours, travels, and adventures for the travelers worldwide. The company also provides tour and travel packages to China, Mongolia, Himalayas, and South-east Asia.

Why choose Tour into Tibet as my travel agency?

We, Tour into Tibet’s management team, are originally from Tibet, and have traveled extensively throughout Tibet, China, and many other fascinating destinations.  We have the knowledge, contacts, and experiences to provide well-planned, comprehensive, all-inclusive and land only tours. Our team leaders have over ten year of experience operating tours in Tibet, China, and related places.

What can I expect if I book a tour with you?

As a full service tour company we carefully evaluate our clients travel interests and provide complete travel plans to match those interests.  Your travel comfort and enjoyment are our top priority.  And while you travel you can relax because our tour operators coordinate all aspects of your travel for you.  Their attention to detail to ensure your enjoyment is simply incredible.  You will experience and appreciate the first class services we provide.

Our tour packages are affordable!

Tour Into Tibet uses the latest technologies to control costs and maximize efficiency.  And by working directly with us as your travel planner and operator (no middle agents) we are able to provide travel at very competitive prices.  Once you complete your journey you will be saying, “That was an incredible experience!”…we know…our clients tell us all the time.

We are professionals in our field!

Tour Into Tibet’s goal is to provide everyone from individuals to groups the travel experience they desire.  Whether traveling for adventure, entertainment, education, or all the above we are going to show you Tibet, China, Mongolia, and the Himalayas like no one else can.  With numerous tour itineraries from which to choose Tour Into Tibet has the travel solution to fit your travel interests.

Tour into Tibet’s Mission:

We are here to provide travelers with informative vacation plans and accommodations at an incredible value with superior services.

Tour into Tibet’s Vision:

Tour Into Tibet is pursuing to be the leader travel company to bring our travelers to Tibet and its surrounding areas.  We endeavor to provide the unique travel experience of a lifetime.

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