Client Testimonials

We just returned home for 3 days. We were told that we are the first group of travelers who visited Tibet since April 1st. I wished I had more time in Tibet. Anyways, it was great impression I got in Tibet, especially for the Buddhism environment in Barkor street. Sonam is a nice tour guide, and he is knowledgeable about the Tibet Buddhism. I recommend Sonam for other travelers.
Johnathan, S, Colorado (April 2017)

Dear Mr. Thar,
We returned from Tibet two weeks ago. We received your welcome email, it was astonish in Tibet. although we only spent 4 days in the city of Lhasa, we were impressed by Tibetan culture. Thank you for arranging the tour for us. We did every step as you told us, and it made our trip much more easier. Thank you again.

James L, California (December, 2016)

Hi Adam,
We had a wonderful tour in Tibet and Nepal. In Nepal, we heard that the road from Tibet to Nepal has now any further information that will be reopened. we glad that we took the flight from Lhasa to Kathmandu as you suggested although we really want to go through the road from Lhasa to Kathmandu.
we might want to travel to travel to Mongolia this coming year. I will let you know once we got our schedule.

Kate Weinberg, Arizona (September 2016)

Hi Tselo,

The Tibet Trip was magical! Thank you for setting up the whole trip so well!

I will have additional specific comments on what went well (most everything) and the few ways that service could be improved in a follow-on email in a few days.

I will also share photos and an article about the fabulous experience for your website, in a few days.

Take care,

Jean, Seattle, WA (April 2016)

Client Testimonials of 2015

Hi Edna,
Thank you for arranging our tour to China. Shanghai was not that polluted as I thought before the tour. We had a wonderful group of people together, and I made some friends as well. In our group, there are almost 35 people together, so maybe I think if the group size is less then 30 or even 25 might be better, otherwise we moved very slow.
This is time I just visited eastern part of the China, next time I want to visit Tibet and Mongolia, you can send me the tour info about these places.

Thank you.
Stephanie Laura, Phoenix, Arizona (Nov. 2015)

Tselo – I apologize for not responding sooner! We had a GREAT time in China. The hotels were excellent, very top quality, food was GREAT at the hotels. The lunches and dinners out were very good!!!

Our guide, John, was amazing, fun and made the trip an experience to remember! The only complaint I have is we were to get Breakfast, lunch and dinner every night of the tour. One night, we had to buy dinner on our own. But considering the great value we got for this incredible trip, we didn’t mind the minor inconvenience.

Thank you again, let us know if you have other trips like this in the future!!!
Andrea Thomas, Roxianne Lee, and Frances Blake, Fort Worth, Texas (May, 2015)

Hi Tselo,
I will thank you for arranging our family vacation in Tibet. It was cold only in the early morning and evening, during the daytime and especially at noon, it was even hot in Lhasa. We should have stayed a couple of days more in Lhasa. Anyways, we all like our tour guide Dawa, he is knowledgeable about Tibet heritages and Buddhism. You know what, we even got a Rinpoche’s personal blessing in Jokhang Temple. Dawa knows the Rinpoche, and he was happened to be there when we were visiting.

I will send you some of our photos. We are planning to visit Bhutan next year, please go ahead and send Bhutan travel information to my email.

By the way, my sister might call you for her Tibet travel plan. Her name is Jennifer.
Take care and I will talk to you later.

Joe Gilberto, Boulder, Colorado (April , 2015)

Client Testimonials of 2014

Hi Tselo,
Thank you very much for the wonderful trip. Everyone had a great time and they all agree if we ever travel you are the one to take care of us!! The tour guides were very knowledgeable and took great care of me making sure my walker was always there and even made sure I didn’t get run over! The Mercedes van was nice but I had trouble taking the big step to get in so they had a stepping stool for me. We gave the tip that was suggested and because they were so good to me I tipped extra before I left each city.

Only hang up was they told me I can take my walker to the jet way and they forgot to load it on the plane from shanghai and came two days later to Hong Kong. I was quite surprised my red walker drew so much attention guess they only have wheelchairs. They were asking me in mandarin but tried my best to answer them!

The family wants to visit Cambodia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong this Christmas and hopefully I’ll be able to walk to take them. The subways in Hong Kong were too crowded and if I go back would probably stay on the Kowloon side since they spent most of the time there. The kids loved Hong Kong. We had a room on the 26th floor across the street from the harbor and the fireworks were awesome like we were right next to it! Hopefully my son can join us this year and w/b 7 of us. We will try to visit 3 cities so we can spend more time in each place and hopefully 2 weeks.

Is Vietnam and Cambodia tough for me to tour? Let me know if you have some good tours at that time. The food was awesome and you did a great job taking care of every detail. The kids especially loved the noodles in Xian!! Thank u so much for such an awesome job. Take care be safe and have a great new year.

Milly and family. San Francisco, CA (December, 2014)

Hi Fiona, Tony and Patricia ( please pass on to her),

I wanted to thank you all for such the wonderful experience I had, via Mandarin House. Everything went as planned and the help you extended took away any stress from being in an unfamiliar environment.

Fiona, from the beginning, your attention to detail, my personal needs and flexibility were greatly appreciated. Everything was smooth, easy and as promised.

Tony, the apartment situation was fantastic. It was even better than I had anticipated. The location, size, lobby staff and your oversight made it the perfect place to be.

Patricia, I greatly enjoyed our teaching sessions ! The time flew by as I not only learned some Mandarin language, but a great deal about Chinese culture and traditions from you. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to get to know you and share your insights and guidance.

Although my stay was quite short, it has made a powerful and positive lifetime memory that I will share with friends and family. I actually felt like I was “living” in Shanghai for a while, and it is mostly thanks to all of your efforts.

Warm Regards,
Sheri, Los Angeles, CA (November, 2014)

You are the best! This experience for my family could not have been so beautiful without your assistance, I required a translator to make this happen as well as visas. You are a gem. My husband and daughter we treated like royalty in China. Thank you so much.
At our age, foreign travel is an effort, but should we or anyone we know do so, I will recommend you highly. Thank you so much!

Beverly Martin, Pahrump, NV (September, 2014)

We had a grand time. My only regret is we did not get the new, pressurized, semi-high-speed train from lhasa. Instead, we rode the old train that seems to have always been there. It took 33 hours to get to Xian, and while there were oxygen outlets in the carriages there was no way to use it. Didn’t mind the lack of that, we had no problems with altitude. But riding the new pressurized train was one of the main things we wanted to do.

All in all it was a great trip except for that. And the defies were between very good to excellent, everywhere we went. Thank you!

BrandE Faupell, Logan, UT (September, 2014)

Hi kalsang,
I returned from the trip about a week. Still a little bit tired. Did you receive the photos I sent to you yesterday? I love our tour guide, Dekyi, she said she wanted to study in USA. My husband and I were thinking about it, and to see is there anything we can do. I wish I could stay in Lhasa a couple of days more. It wasn’t that bad as for the high altitude. By the way, the hotel was nice; overall, the tour was arranged very smoothly. Thank you.

Jennie Hurel, Miami, FL (May 2014)

Hi Tselo,

We had a very good trip to BKK and to China. The only problem was the long wait we had at the BKK airport when our flight to Shanghai was cancelled but thank you for calling us on it. Actually, we were told by a passenger on that flight that they already knew two weeks before that day that the original flight was cancelled as it became a charter flight and of course, we could not get on it.

However, the trip went very well and the hotel accommodations were very good. The Holiday Inn at Hangzhou was not as good as the others but it was OK. We were there just for one night.

The travel guides were all good, but the ones in Hangzhou and Xian were excellent. I think thye’re all from different Chinese travel agencies. The one we had in Beijing was a young woman and she spoke so fast and had a very strong accent. We had some difficulty understanding her sometimes but she was always so solicitous and helpful. The best one was was the guide in Xian and we learned so much about Chinese history and culture from him. His first name was Yale but I forgot to get his address. If you know of this young man, kindly send me his full name and e-mail address.

On our Skymiles plan, the ticket counter in Xian and Beijing did not show the membership # on our boarding cards, whereas the other agents (in Bangkok, Shanghai and Hangzhou) did. We showed them as we checked in our membership cards but I do not know if they took note of it. Do I need to follow up with Delta Skymiles on this? Kindly let me know.

Thank you for arranging this tour for us and certainly, I can recommend you and your travel agency to anyone who wishes to travel the way we did. Thank you also for taking care of our trip arrangements and for following up on our experiences.

Modesta, California(Feb & March, 2014)

Client Testimonials of 2013

Hello Richard,
I just came from Mt. Everest, I made it.
Thank you for your detailed information for traveling to Mt. Everest area. I pretty much followed what you recommended, and did exercises everyday around 15 days before the tour started. There are some photos I took at Everest Base Camp. If you want to see more, I can email you.
The hotels in Lhatze and Rongpu monastery are not good. But that what it is. The tour guide told us that new hotels will be built soon. Hopefully it will help your business.
I am interested in going to Myanmar next year. If you have any groups visiting Myanmar in May next year, please let me know.
Thank you again for calling me yesterday.
Julian Sandoval, Puerto Rico (Sept. 2013)

Hi Tselo,
Our trip was outstanding, truly memorable is so many ways.
But for the earthquake and subsequent road closure to Leaping Tiger Gorge, we visited and enjoyed each activity and point of interest of our itinerary. The local guides were welcoming and professional, particularly Lucy of Kunming, Jack of Lijiang and Allen of Chengdu; the meals abundant, some exceptional; accommodations were comfortable with the exception of the Dali Regent Hotel whose rooms were stained and unclean and staff inefficient and slow in resolving the problem – definitely not a five-star establishment. In contrast, the Yunjing Cheng Hotel in Pingyao was fun and unique – a delightful experience.

Thank you for all your work and expertise, Tselo. Without reservation, I will be recommending your services to all who wish to travel to that special part of the world.

Warm regards,

Jane Mak, California (Sept. 2013)

Hi Tselo,
This was a great trip. The meals were wonderful. They upgraded the meals. Only had french fries once. Last trip with my whole family it was french fries on every meal.
The hotels were wonderful. Especially the Howard John Plaza Waigaoqiao in Shanghai. They had a wheelchair for my father. When we arrived in Shanghai, my father’s feet swelled up and he was having a hard time walking. Nina Hu the assistant hotel manager helped my father and I up to the room. She even checked up with us to make sure the next day that he was okay.
I will certainly recommend Tour Into Tibet and also use you for my next trip.
Wing Wah Leong, Missouri (May 2013)

Hello Tselo,
The Tibet trip was a great trip for me. You caught me by surprise when you called me in Beijing. I was just getting out of the shower and I was getting ready for my flight to Tokyo.  I got everything done that I wanted to. I was able to get all the photos I wanted of the Potala Palace, Mt Everest and the monasteries and the Tibetan people. The mini buses were cramped and uncomfortable at times and very hot especially when we were on that bumpy stretch of road just before Mt Everest and this put people in a bad mood at times.  A few of the lunches were way too long – 2-3 hours due to poor service and that made us fall behind with our schedule but I usually didn’t participate in those lunches anyways. I wrote post cards instead. But again overall a great trip for me. Like you said the Everest trip is not always easy.
I liked the hotels for the most part – The Citic was fine – nice pool that I used – easy to change money – close to airport etc.
The Yak hotel had a great location – walking distance to Barkour Square and Potala Palace and the Old city of Lhasa in general. On our return trip to Lhasa they actually put us in the new section out back that was outstanding and very new. It was also next to a restaurant that it had a connection with that I liked – the Dunlary or something like that.
I liked our guides Sonam and Lotce. Especially Sonam was extremely knowledgable and incredibly patient. It was the largest group I have ever been with for this kind of a trip.  There were 20 and then 19 in the group which I think made it harder for the guides to move along and made us fall behind in our schedule at times. The guides had to work especially hard.
Do you have any trips to Myanmar(Burma) or Bhutan.
Peter Fink,  Connecticut, USA  (May 2013)

Client Testimonials of 2012

We had a great time in China!  Our guides and drivers made everything very easy for us, and the hotels were very comfortable.  We especially clicked with Penny, our first guide, in Beijing.  The fact that each of our tour guides arranged and bought our tickets at each location, and even offered extra things we might want to do each day, took most of the worry out of our touring.   Guam (spelling?), our guide in Guilin, was especially good at asking us if we wanted to do something extra each day, and then fitting it in for us timewise.   I really liked that our guides took us up to the check-in gates for our flights, and ‘hand delivered’ us – their knowledge of the language helped a couple of times.  We made good use of our extra time, too, so having some extra time built in to our days was a good idea.  By the way, thank you all for booking our flights – I know that wasn’t the normal way of doing things for your company.
As far as negative things, there were very few.  On our first day in Beijing, when we arrived at 5:00 a.m., our rooms weren’t ready until about 10:30 a.m – and they charged us for breakfast that morning, which we thought was included.  We all three wanted more time on The Great Wall and at the Terra Cotta Warriors – we were just a bit rushed at these two places – we would have loved to have two more hours at the wall, and one more at the warriors.  But, maybe that was because we took so many photos!
Overall we really enjoyed the trip, and have some great memories!  Thank you for all of your help getting us there!
—-Karen & Gary & Kelly Fouts, Santa Clarita, California, USA (August, 2012)

Mr. Thar,
Thank you and your team of professionals for arranging the most wonder full trip to China.  We enjoyed every part of it . . . we absolutely fill in love with, and most of all, Shangri La.
One observation, I wish the tips for the drivers and the guides would have been handled differently, perhaps assess a set fee for the tips to be approved and paid by the client at the end of the trip to the main office; to be distributed later.  The current system created some unpleasant and embarrassing moments for every body involved.
Next time we want to visit Tibet for sure.
Thanks very much.
—-Adel & Nancy Sokkary , Albuquerque, New Mexcico, USA (August, 2012)

Hello Tselo:
Sorry for the long delay…we got back from Asia and MIami on 02/05 then just after a week we went to Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval…
we had  a great time in Tibet, even tough we came back earlier due to un-wellness caused by the high altitude…we are planning in going back and referring it to every friend which want to travel to Tibet..many thanks again!
—–Amaury Camargo Monaco, Sao Paulo, Brazil (January, 2012)

Client Testimonials of 2011

Hi Richard,
Thank you for calling me and informing me and my family that the schedule for second day in Beijing had slight change. Actually that was not a big deal cause our tour guide already explained us the Bardalin Great wall was temporarily closed because some VIPs  were there.  We went to Ju Yungghuang great wall, it was remarkable! My family and I just want to let you know that we thank you for taking care us while we were taking your tour in China. If we plan to visit Tibet, I will ask for your help.  Talk to you soon.
—–Matinee Burgos,  Minnesota,  USA (September, 2011)

Mr. Thar, a tour consultant of Tour into Tibet, is knowledgeable, professional and very accommodating. We just told him places we would like to visit and starting date, he quickly designed an optimized route specifically for us with reasonable price. The hotels and food are great. Local tour guides are very flexible with schedule and additional sites. One of the less perfect points would be that the local tour guides are not as knowledgeable the site guides for specific sites. In those cases, we sometimes followed the site guides for more detailed explanations. Overall, we are very satisfied with our experiences.
—–Sulan Yao,  California, USA (July, 2011)

Lhasa is an amazing place. I was shocked by those Tibetan pilgrims worshipping in front of Jokkang Temple, also in front of Potala Palace. Brahmaputra Hotel is nice, but I see some hotels around Jokang temple have better location. You guys maybe should contact these hotels. I think I might go to Tibet with my family next time, and I want to try Tibet train crossing Tibet plateau. Thank you guys for the welcome home greeting, I definitely recommande Tour into Tibet to my friends.
—– Jenneal Segikawa, Florida, USA (June, 2011)