Fundrasing Programs

Tour into Tibet provides customized tours to fit the theme, needs, and wants of the any organizations. And for every departing passenger a donation can be provided to the organization. The amount of the donation will be agreed upon by the organization and Tour into Tibet. Your members will enjoy a wonderful vacation and benefit from a fantastic fundraiser. Our standard donation per departing passenger is $150. You can quickly see below how great a fundraiser this is for your organization.

No. of Passengers Donation amt. per passenger Donation AMT. Total
20 $150 $3,000
30 $175 $5,250
40 $200 $8,000
50 $225 $11,250
60 $250 $15,000

For example, given a group size of 20 passengers with a $150 donation the organization will receive a check for $3,000. With 60 passengers the organization receives $15,000. There isn’t a limit as to the donation amount. The amount will vary based on an agreed upon amount between the organization and TT Tour (Tour into Tibet), and the total number of departing passengers.

If your are interested in this program, please fill out the form below and submit it.

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