How to get 10 year China visa?

Can I get 10 year China visa now?

The new policy for 10-year China visas available to US citizens, however the application requires the same standards as before.

Who are qualified for 10 year China visa?

U.S. passport holders eligible for Chinese short term business (M) and tourist (L) visas will be issued multiple-entry visas valid for 10 years.

How to get 10 year China visa?

In order to qualify for 10-year visas, US passport holders must have more than one-year validity remaining on their passport. Once a 10-year visa has been issued, the validity of the visa does not expire if the holder renews his/her passport. The visa holder can travel carrying the old passport with valid Chinese visa along with the new passport. The cost for the visas will remain the same.

How about US students to get China visa?

Qualified U.S. students may receive student residency permits valid for up to five years depending on the length of their educational program. There will be no changes to visa processing for non-US passport holders.

When should I apply 10 year China visa to travel to China?

Things change unpredictably, we recommend you to take advantage of this new policy and apply for your China visa at your earliest convenience. In addition, if your passport expires in less than one year, we encourage you to consider renewing your passport

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