How to Get Tibet Visas

You need Tibet visa to visit Tibet

You have to have a Tibet visa in your hand to enter Tibet. You need to show your actual Tibet visa paper at any Chinese airport or train station from there you will enter Tibet.

You cannot apply Tibet visa on your own

You can’t apply Tibet visas on your own. A registered and legitimate travel agency, such as Tour into Tibet, Inc. is able to handle your Tibet visa and permit application. You need to book a Tibet tour with the same travel agency in order to get your Tibet visa.

How long does it take to get my Tibet visa?

We need at least 2 weeks to obtain your Tibet visa and other permits.

The steps that how to apply Tibet visa

    1. You need to get your China visa first. We can help you apply for China visa.

    2. Email us your passport copy and China visa copy.

    3. We obtain your Tibet visa in 2 weeks after we receive your passport and China visa copies.

    4. We express mail Tibet visa to your hotel or the place you stay in any Chinese city before you taking a flight or train to Tibet.

    5. Tibet visa is not allowed to mail out of China, only can be mailed to any Chinese city.

Is Tibet visa issued all the time whenever you visit Tibet?

No! During the month of March, no any foreigners are allowed to travel in Tibet, so no Tibet visa is issued to any foreigners from the middle of February to the end of March every year. This is the policy that Chinese Government endorsed.