Do you provide international flights for Tibet tours?

There are no direct international flights reach Tibet, except the flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa. You have to fly via one of these Chinese cities (listed below) and then fly into Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, so the international flights to Tibet based on your requests.

How can I fly to Tibet?

These Chinese cities have flights to Tibet:

    • Beijing to Lhasa flights
    • Shanghai to Lhasa flights
    • Guangzhou to Lhasa flights
    • Chengdu to Lhasa flights
    • Chongqing to Lhasa flights
    • Xian to Lhasa flights
    • Kunming to Lhasa flights

Do you have international flights for China tours?

Our China budget tours include international flights. For China classic tours and other Asia counties’s tours, we provide intro-country flights. Considering that our travelers reside in different States and cities, we provide international flights upon requests.

For all inclusive tours, we provide international flights from USA. Our all inclusive tour prices determined by the flights from Los Angeles Airport (LAX) TO China, and return to LAX after the tour.

Do you provide intro-China flights for your tours?

Yes, we do. Our land only tours provide domestic flights of destination countries. The airfare is included in the tour price.

What airlines or air companies do you use for your tours?

We use all kinds of airline companies for our tours. There are three facts that are important for us to make choices of which airline we will use for your particular trip:

    • The airfare. Lower airfare or price make our trip affordable.
    • Route. The best air route and non-stop flight will make our trip convenient and comfortable.
    • Safety. Although we believe that fly in the air is the safest transportation, we still use the airline companies who have the highest reputation for safety record.