What hotel is good for a Tibet tour?

For all our Tibet classic tours, we use 5 star hotels. The Brahmaputra Grand Hotel in Lhasa is one of the 5 star hotels we have been using.

We use decent 3 and 4 star hotels for our Tibet budget tours and Tibet Group Tours.

Lists of hotels we use for our Tibet and China tours

The hotels listed here are the ones we used before and using now. If we get better deal for high class hotels, we usually use them for benefiting our travelers. Thus, the hotels on your tour might not be the same as listed here, but the same quality or even better.

Location Hotel One Hotel Two Hotel Three
Lhasa Brahmaputra Yak Hotel Gorkha Hotel
Shigatse Shigatse Hotel Holy Lake Hotel Everest Hotel
Beijing Kin Grand Hotel Courtyard Northeast Pinganfu Hotel
Xian Golden Flower Huanshan Int’l Hotel Jinyuanfuren Hotel
Shanghai Renaissance Putuo Sunrise Bund Holiday Inn Express
Guilin Lijiang Waterfull Bravo Hotel Minfeng Int’l Hotel
Chengdu Tibet Hotel Tainfu Sunshine Holiday Inn Express

Where do we stay during a Mt. Everest trekking tour?

We use Rungpu Monastery Guest house, or we stay in Tingri and other close towns. Hotels and lodges in this area have harsh conditions, please do not expect too much.

What hotels are good for Myanmar tours?

For Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand tours, the hotel information is provided under each tour itinerary.

Laos hotels for our Laos tours

Laos hotel information is provided with each Laos tour itinerary. Please view the category next to Laos tour itinerary, Dates and Prices.