Why is Shanghai Shopping Tour So Cheap? Is it True?

Shanghai Shopping tour for $350

Why Shanghai Shopping Tour is so cheap?

Is it true? the answer is, Yes, it is true. Shanghai shopping tour, 7 days 6 nights, visit Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuxi and Suzhou. During the 7 days trip, you will stay in 5 star hotels in these cities, you will have 3 meals per day, total 16 meals, all breakfasts will be served at our 5 star hotels. During the trip, you will take our air-conditioned tour bus traveling between the cities, you will be escorted by our English speaking tour guide from day one to day seven.

Yes, all these services above cost for $350 per person only.

The reasons of the cheapest price are:

First of all, Shanghai and surrounding cities are promoting their travel business. Local government subsidize the hotels to get more international guests coming. Secondly, in the past a few years, Shanghai and many cities in China built too many luxurious hotels, now the most of the hotels desperately need to be occupied. Thirdly, Chinese government’s anti-corruption movement made government expenditure with these hotels shrank. These hotels have to offer very low prices to the travel agencies to attract international travelers coming. Lastely, during this trip, you will visit some shopping sites. However, you are never forced to buy anything. The shopping sites are:

    Shanghai: Silk Carpet Factory
    Hangzhou: Dragon Well Tea Plantation
    Wuxi: Fresh Water Pearls Exhibition Center
    Suzhou: Silk Mills

Now you believe this is true, isn’t it?

Booking this tour is easy.
1. pick up you phone and call this number now: 1 877 630 7955. One of our tour expert will answer your questions and help you to book the tour over the phone.
2. Visit this website and fill out the reservation form, and send to us. We will catch you back shortly, and help you to book the tour.

3. You are welcome to send an email to us to inquire the tour. This is our email address: info@tourintotibet.com.

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