Tibet Festival Calendar in 2017

Festival Name Time Venue Events
Tibetan New Year 2/27/2017 All Tibetan area Tibetan New Year is characterized especially by dancing, music, and a general spirit of merrymaking
The Monlam Prayer Festival 3/4/2017 Jokhang Monastery Monks perform traditional Tibetan Buddhist dances during Monlam Prayer Festival, and cakes are made with butter sculptures.
The Butter Lamp Festival 3/12/2017 Lhasa People sing and dance throughout the night, and thousands of lights are kept burning until dawn
The Thangka Unveiling at Tashilunpo 7/9/2017 Tashilunpo Monastery The big Thangka with a Buddha image on it is unfolded, and the people all gather in front of the Thangka to pray
Zamling Chisang 7/9/2017 Lhasa Tibetans gather together to burn incense to worship Buddha
Saga Dawa 6/9/2017 Lhasa Saga Dawa is the peak time to worship Buddha for Tibetans, and a peak time for pilgrimages
The Gyantse Horse Race Festival 7/20/2017 Gyantse This festival is held in Gyantse, a county southwest of Lhasa with horse racing, Tibetan opera, ball games, etc
Choekor Duechen / Tukbe Tseshi 7/27/2017 Lhasa Tibetans wear festival clothes to celebrate this festival and walk around a mountain and lake clockwise.
Samye Dolde 7/9/2017 Samye Monastery Monks wear festival clothes and masks, and dance to drive away bad things and devils
The Ganden Thangka Showing 8/7/2017 Ganden Monastery A big Thangka with a Buddha image on it is unveiled at Ganden Monastery
The Nagqu Horse Race Festival 8/1/2017 Nagqu An important event in northern Tibet, everyone dresses in their finest and most colorful clothing.
Shoton Festival 8/21/2017 Lhasa A big thangka with an image of Buddha on it is unveiled at Drepung Monastery. People enjoy yoghourt together on this day
Karma Dunba (The Bathing Festival) 8/19/2017 Lhasa Tibetans take a bath together in the river to drive away illness
Lhabab Duechen 11/11/2017 Lhasa Buddha is said to return to earth on this day. Tibetans burn incenses in monasteries and pray
Palden Lhamo Festival 112/3/2017 Jokhang Monastery and Barkhor Street The statue of the wrathful deity Palden Lhamo is carried at the head of a parade on Barkhor Street
Ganden Nga-Choe 1/23/2018 Lhasa People celebrate this festival by lighting butter lamps

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