Tibet Opens to Travelers in April 2017

If you have been traveled to Tibet, or aware of some Tibet and China political issues, then you might know that Tibet is closed to foreign travelers in March. Actually the closure starts in the mid-February. If you have a plan to travel to Tibet, now you may pick up your phone and call your agent, or call Tour into Tibet, a professional Tibet travel company located in Las Vegas, Nevada of the United States.

At Tour into Tibet, there are three major tour categories:

    Tibet Budge Tours

    Tibet Classic Tours

    Tibet Group Join in Tours

Tibet Budge Tours is designed for family and friends who want to have a private tour. The tour dates are flexible, and the itinerary can be customized too. It is considered affordable.

Tibet Class Tours provides 5 star hotels, upscale restaurants and personalized services. It is also can be customized and the tour dates are flexible too.

Tibet Group join in Tours are the most affordable tour packages that Tour into Tibet offers. The tour dates are fixed, and the group size usually is between 6 to 18. It is good for single travelers.

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