Tibetan Shops

Tibet Shops in West-coast of America

Tibetan Singing Bowl
Tibet Spirit
Tibet Spirit is a small family-owned business shop which has been doing business in Portland, Oregon for about 15 years. The owner of the shop is from Amdo region of Tibet.

Tibet Spirit offers genuine Tibetan Buddhism ritual items and gifts, statues, hand-painted Thangkas, singing bowls, bells, flags, incense, jewelry, fabric items and other dharma items, and art from Tibet, Nepal, and India.

Tibet Spirit

3288 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97214
Phone: (503) 957-5318
Fax: (503) 236-8951.

Please click the following link to visit Tibet Spirit’s website:
Tibet Spirit at Portland

Tibetan Tsampa Bar
Tibetan Tsampa
Tibetan Tsampa is an online Tibetan food store based in the US California Berkeley. Tibetans have been living in exile away from home for a long time in many places around the world. The more one is away from home, the more one feels nostalgic about one’s own country and diet. Driven partly by this feeling of nostalgia and partly by our desire and wish to bring healthy, nutritious and genuine Tsampa, it is our pleasure to introduce you with this special product.

Tibet Tsampa

Phone: (510) 230-8152, email: tibetantsampa@gmail.com
Please click the following link to visit Tibetan Tsampa’s website:
Tibetan Tsampa at Berkeley

Tibet Shops in Middle States of America

Mandala Tibetan shop in Texas
Mandala Tibetan Shop in Austin, TX, offers full collection of products including Meditation Rugs, Prayer Wheels and flags, Tibetan Jewelry, Yoga Jewelry, Tibetan singing bowls, Tingshas, and Buddha statues.

Mandala Tibetan Shop

3204 B Guadalupe
Austin, TX 78705
Visit at http://www.mandalatrading.com/ for more info.

Tibet Shops in East-coast of America

Beautiful Tibet Store in New York City
Beautiful Tibet is a Tibetan art and craft store located in Manhattan of New York City. The owner of the store is Ngawang Choden, a Tibetan neutropenia, came to America in late 1995. After a few years in the States, Ngawang Choden decided to start his own business to preserve and promote Tibetan culture traditions and support Tibetan causes.

Store contact information:

Beautiful Tibet

322 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014-3428
(212) 414-2773

Tibet Shops in Lhasa

Tibet Shops in Amdo

Tibet Shops in Kham

Tibetan clothes and fashion

Dewachen Design

At Dewachen, we believe that sustainable fashion “must be” the future of our fashion industry.

You are covered in textiles from the day you were born.
You know, you can choose what kind of clothes and designs you wear.

Is environmental sensibility and ethical treatment of animals,
or protecting natural resources a big motivator for you?
But, you think that ethical clothing is not fashionable enough – or too expensive?

In fact, Eco-friendly fashion is a fast growing movement in the fashion world.
More and more celebrities, fashionistas and fashion designers are becoming organic fashion lovers.

The variety in designs and quality is getting bigger and a growing pool of global consumers
are demanding that mainstream brands be sustainable.

Please visit http://dewachen-design.com/ for more information.